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A winner

I am very satisfied with this product. It was recommended to me by my podiatrist. After using it for a few days I knew it was a winner. Initially starting with four applications I am now down to two and able to exercise on a regular basis. Canodyne CBD GEL definitely adds to my overall wellbeing.

Hannah H.

Can’t say enough!

I love this product it’s made a difference on every ache and pain on my body I tried it on. And works remarkably fast!

Beverly D.

Game changer

I’ve been using this for over two years and have all my friends using it too. It’s amazing! Pain gone immediately. Helps me know when something is muscle vs something more serious, especially with my back. Highly recommend!

Jennifer W.

Love it!!!!

I have been ordering the pain GEL for close to 2 years. Its amazing stuff….have also turned on several friends to it. For me, its really helped with lower back pain (primary issue) and general knee, elbow, shoulder pain as needed that comes from activity (golf, basketball, etc) plus getting a little older…..

Dave D.


First time in a long time I was able sleep well and during the day no pain

Clifford Y.

Great Gel highly recommend

Great Gel. Cool and soothing. Helped to stop my neuropathy pain quickly.

Tom D.

Great Gel

It was easy to order and it shipped right away. I used it 3 years ago after my foot surgery, but quit using it because my foot was feeling better. I just started using it again and will never quit again. It works really well.

Sue A.

Better than pain meds for Arthritis.

It helps the arthritis pain in my hands more than anything else has. I have been using it for a while and find it very helpful. Especially if I have been writing or lifting heavy dishes, etc.

Mellissa R.

This actually works!!!

My podiatrist recommended it and she sells it in her office. I have severe osteoarthritis in both feet and used this twice a day and the pain and swelling is gone!!!!

Sharon P.

Recommend trying!

Easy to order, shipped immediately and arrived quickly! Two friends suggested it to me and I feel that it is helpful for various kinds of pain. I think it is a very good product.

Jimmy T.

So soothing

When I wake up during the night with achy joints I rub on a bit of this and within minutes the pain is gone and I’m back to sleep.

Catherine L.


I have a chronic case of tendonitis in my foot. Walking can sometimes be painful. Your product provides day long relief.

Paul H.


My doctor recommended Canodyne CBD gel and I can't thank him enough. The order process is fast and easy and customer service is excellent. Caonodyne CBD gel is easy to apply, absorbs quickly, isn't sticky or smelly and works quickly to relieve pain. It provides long lasting relief. Nerve pain in my foot and ankle no longer wake me during the night. My husband uses it on his elbow and has commented how quickly the pain/ache stops after he applies it. I highly recommend this product and I'm considering sending it as a Christmas present. What better gift than pain relief!? Thanks.

Valerie O.

CBD Tincture

This stuff works wonders for anxiety and stress. 2020 had me stressed out to the max. I don't like taking medication if I can avoid it. This cbd tincture allowed me to get my peace of mind back. It works great for pain, depression, and trouble sleeping too. A+++

Marcus N.

Love love love

I love it. I have a chronic neck pain and it works wonders as well as for the osteoarthritis in my thumb joint. I even used it on a headache and it helped so much. My daughter's first job is a dishwasher and after 2 hours of that her hands ache. She uses it too. Loves it.

Rene S.

Thank you!

I have ordered this product so many times over the years and it truly has been the only thing to help my chronic pain. I recently contacted the company with a question about my latest purchase and their professionalism in trying to remedy the issue is much appreciated. I have sworn by this product for years and have recommended it to everyone I know. Now I can honestly say from experience that the product- as well as the customer service- is excellent.

Erin W.


I’ve had chronic shoulder pain and this gel has helped me immensely! I would recommend it for pain relief. Thanks!

Michelle K.

Cool Relief

I rely on this CBD gel to ease the pain in my hands and feet so that I can get a restful sleep.

Michael G.

Works Great

Been using this product for 2-3 weeks now and I’m quite pleased with the result. Tried other OTC Products and this is by far the best.

William T.


This stuff is awesome. Immediate results when using for my sciatica. Got some for my Stepdad and mom also. Satisfied customer here!


I had all kinds of spasms in my back and hip and used that and I was better in a day or 2

Debbie S.

Great product!!!!!

This is by far, THE BEST topical pain reliever available on the market today! The user feedback is overwhelmingly positive and this product has positively changed the lives of numerous chronic pain suffers. Thank you Canodyne!

Kathy R.

Fast Relief From Pain!

I have been searching for years for a product that stops the pain I am having. This product is the BEST on the market. It does exactly what they say it does. I am happy that I found Canodyne Gel. Great company to deal with and they always provide super-fast shipping. Thanks!

Carl H.

Excellent pain remedy

Calmed pain in the foot and ankle joint without using potent painkillers such as Oxycodone or excessive NSAIDS. Great product, use it daily.

Randy B.

Sleepless Nights

Before I took this product I couldn't sleep. I would wake up and just stare at the ceiling. Now I sleep the whole night.

Scott M.

Repeat Customer

Have found this to be an effective addition to oral painkillers for helping arthritis pain.

John S.


This is an absolutely outstanding product for people who suffer chronic joint or muscle pain. Consistently applied, this is the most effective topical we have ever used!

Kathy O.

Great results!

Outstanding results with regard to shoulder and neck tightness and soreness! The positive results were almost instantaneous! Highly recommended!

Jerry A.

Wrist pain

I have experienced wrist pain and pain down through the base of my thumb. This made playing the piano a challenge at times. Since using the Canodyne gel the pain has been reduced greatly and playing piano has been a pleasant experience.

Wesley R.

Absolute Perfection

This product works wonderfully and you only have to use very little gel. One bottle should last months. I haven’t found another product that works as well. This will be mine and my husbands go to for pain. Wonderful company, when you have an issue it’s dealt with promptly. I will only purchase from this company that has already shown me the best customer service ever. I will pass this company’s product on to family and friends. So pass the’s a wonderful company with fabulous customer service and a great product that couldn’t work any better. What more could you ask for? You already get it all.

Connie K.

Effectiveness of Canodyne CBD Gel

I am enjoying this produce. I bought it initially to relieve ankle soreness caused by surgery I had in January of 2019. Now I also use it to relieve elbow, wrist, and shoulder soreness from playing tennis. The gel is very soothing and its effect is almost immediate and long-lasting. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to relieve muscle and joint soreness.

Arthur T.

Medical Provider

From what we have heard from patients, there have been no complaints! I brought a bottle home and have been using it, and have no complaints either! It really does give my joints some pain relief! Love it!

Dr. Conan P.

Worth Its Weight in Gold!

Canodyne CBD gel was recommended by my Chiropractor so decided to give it a try for pain in my wrists. Have been using it daily-sometimes twice a day- and it has worked magic. The pain has been greatly reduced and I am now able to continue with my woodworking and other projects/exercise for the most part pain free. Suggested my wife use it on her severe leg pain due to sciatica. She too has been using it daily and is pleased that her pain has greatly subsided allowing her to resume various activities essentially "pain free". We have also experienced excellent customer service. We highly recommend this product and the Canodyne CBD staff.

Wes G.

Review of CBD tincture and Gel

Very positive overall experience. Both items arrived quickly via delivery service and were easy to use. Both seem to have reduced my arthritis pain significantly.

William K.

It's working!

My husband has tried other creams and oils but so far this one is the only one that helps him get to sleep. We bought more!

Beverly M.

Best Medicine

My doctor recommended the gel with menthol and camphor after my foot surgery in November of 2018. I still use it on my foot when I overdo using the foot. I have also used the gel on my shoulder and elbow to help the pain from my tendinitis. I have used many products over the years, but nothing compared to this. It works wonders on pain.

Sue A.

Unbelievable chronic knee pain elimination results!!!!!

This product has transformed the quality of life for me and every other person I have introduced it to! Personally, I had been a chronic pain sufferer for years with arthritic knees. Once I began to sparingly apply CANODYNE each day after my shower, I started to notice the pain was diminishing. After consistent application, over a few weeks, I don't even think about my knees anymore!!!! Unbelievable! I am so grateful for your product and your company commitment to pain reduction and elimination. I have numerous additional users with similar stories and they like me, can hardly believe the results!

Kathy R.

Finally some relief

Excellent, I have had over 30 surgeries and there isn't much on me that doesn't hurt. I have been using your product on my knees and legs and I am finally getting some relief and more importantly it is allowing me to get some sleep. I have tried many medical options and also many non-medical far this product is helping me the most. It is a little expensive but it seems to be helping.

Doug M.

Excellent product.

Frankly I’m amazed at how well this product works. My podiatrist told me that many of his patients were having good results from the Canodyne gel. Now I am one of them. Much better results than I expected.

John P.

Wonderful pain relief

My podiatrist recommended the 500mg CBD gel for my foot pain. I had my doubts, but my prescription cream wasn't always working. She advised me to use it on my back, knees, and sciatic nerve pain.... piriformis muscle spasms. Oh my! I can now sleep at night because my pain isn't flaring up when I'm trying to sleep. A miracle. Truly. Expensive? Yes, but so worth it because I can avoid oral pain meds and actually get 'stuff' done during the day. Amazing relief, to say the least.

Judith G.

And all my friends love it too

I was recommended this after I had 3 plates and lots of screws put in my foot by my doctor. It’s amazing. I used it on my friends, and they bought it. They used it on their friends and they bought it Great for multiple pain relief areas.

Sue B.

Love the product

The combination of camphor, menthol., and CBD make the gel great. I no longer have to ice my hands after golfing. Thanks.

Thomas S.